Telemedicine appointments with Dr. Daniel R. Brown at Southern Illinois Podiatry. 

Telemedicine is a great option for those who need HELP with a foot condition, but either can’t or shouldn’t make a physical trip to the office.

  • Foot Conditions:
  • Skin and Nail Infections
  • Foot and Leg Pain
  • Foot and Leg Swelling
  • Cold, Numb Feet
  • Sores on Feet and Legs
  • Injury to Foot and Ankle
  • And More
  • These appointments are covered by insurance (including Medicare), and communications as of March 23, 2020 are not yet secured using end-to-end encryption but are fully HIPAA compliant.

What You’ll Need

In order to have a successful telemedicine appointment, you’ll need:

  • Smartphone to do a FaceTime call or a Skype phone number w/ a laptop with video chat capabilities 

  • A device capable of making and receiving video calls (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS all supported)

  • An internet connection

We also recommend:

  • A comfortable, private, well-lit location
  • A family member or friend in the room with you to provide assistance and take notes

What Kinds of Examinations Can Be Performed Online?

  • Initial consult for the doctor to make a visual examination of an infection, skin condition, injury, deformity, or other noticeable foot or ankle problem.
  • Follow-up appointment after surgery, wound care, ingrown toenail treatment, etc.
  • Discussion with the doctor about home care treatments or instructions.
  • Coordinated appointment with a home health nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or other medical professional.

If you are not confident what form of communication would be best for a telemedicine call, please call our office and we will guide you through it. 

Does Insurance Cover Telemedicine? 

As of March 2019, telemedicine appointments are now fully covered by all insurances (including Medicare) with no copay, and many plans are waiving the deductible as well. We will schedule the appointment and bill your insurance as normal.

If Insurance Does Not Cover What Does This Service Cost?

The cost per session depends on the time allocated for the appointment and is very similar to what we charge for a similar in-office appointment.

15-minute consult: $55

30-minute consult: $75