Common Disorders

Sometimes smelly and often dirty, feet are underappreciated, but carry us around 10,000 steps a day. This adds up to 4 trips around the planet in a lifetime! Wow, talk about hard work. No wonder 75% of all Americans will suffer from a foot problem in their lifetime. Many common disorders listed below go undiagnosed, so use our resource guide to get educated and treat those pair of feet with the care they deserve.

Southern Illinois Podiatry provides evaluation, diagnoses, and treatments with excellence and expertise. Using diagnostic ultrasound and digital x-ray, we diagnose and treat most medical and surgical conditions, along with foot and ankle ailments in adults and children including:

Please contact us for any specific foot and ankle concerns that may not be listed. Our expert staff can also provide care for rare ailments, injuries, and deformities. We look forward to bringing you comfort and healing through our services.